The Signs As Millennial Decor | Digital Art Print

The Signs As Millennial Decor | Digital Art Print

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All Pom'd digital art prints are designed by Alexandra Gater in collaboration with local artists. Just download, print, frame and hang! 

The Signs As Millennial Decor print is by LeeAndra Cianci and Katie Underwood who are co-creators of Queen of Whines, a Canadian content coven for all things witchy. 

The Pom’d prints are high resolution and can be printed as big as 24x36". After your checkout, you'll be redirected to a page where you can download your print in 6 different aspect ratios. The aspect ratios are: 4x5 | 2x3 | 3x4 | A4 | 5x7 | 24x36 . You'll also be sent an email with a link to access the files.

How To

Download, Print, Frame!

Posterjack is my favourite place to get downloadable art printed and framed. Send them your files and they'll print and frame in just about any size.