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Making houses feel like homey homes since 2014.

“Alexandra Gater is Apartment Therapy for a new generation” - Maxwell Ryan, founder and CEO of Apartment Therapy

Meet Alexandra

Alexandra Gater is a home decor expert, connecting with millions through her home makeover videos on YouTube. She makes design accessible for renters and homeowners alike and believes everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space that feels like home, no matter their budget. Alexandra's debut coffee table book, Own Your Space, published by Harper Collins is now in reprint and available in multiple countries around the world. Alexandra started her career as the Home Editor for Canada’s iconic lifestyle magazine Chatelaine, and her work has been featured in Apartment Therapy, Clever by Architectural Digest, and Domino Magazine.

Meet Team AG

James is Team AG's Video Editor by day and queer lit wench by night. His kinks include commas, crocs, and cannelloni, and can most often be found snapping pics of the sunset with your mum.

Alana is Team AG's Creative Producer and unofficial astrology consultant. When she's not moodboarding, floor planning and Pinning, she can be found snuggling her cats Kelso and Clover while in the midst of a quarter life crisis. Fun fact: she was Alexandra's intern at Chatelaine and they have worked together ever since!

Alessandra is Team AG’s Junior Editor, handling all things TikTok and vlog-related. She is our resident Gen Z rep and IT support, and can often be found trying to woo James with a new Premiere shortcut. She has a background in film and commercial production, and is a strong advocate for eating popcorn at any time of day.

Amanda is Team AG’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) who loves a schedule and letting everyone know when mercury is in retrograde. She spent five years in TV production, working on shows including Big Brother Canada & Top Chef Canada and more recently was the Manager of Branded Content at Kin Community before joining Team AG. She loves her cat Alaska, The Real Housewives and feels very at home on a boat.

Carla is a Photojournalism grad and Team AG’s part-time videographer and the OG of Team AG, having shot Alexandra’s first-ever on-camera appearance at Chatelaine and almost every video thereafter. The makeover AG did on Carla’s apartment quite literally launched AG’s career and when she and Alexandra got laid off shortly after, Carla encouraged Alexandra to start her own channel. So everyone should send her a thank you card, k thanks bye.