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Dream Home Zone | Digital Print
Dream Home Zone | Digital Print
Dream Home Zone | Digital Print
Dream Home Zone | Digital Print

Dream Home Zone | Digital Print

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Dream Home Zone is designed by Alexandra Gater in collaboration with Jenn Kitagawa. Just download, print, frame and hang tomake your space that much more cozy.

Jenn Kitagawais award-winning multidisciplinary freelance illustrator and artist based in Toronto and Montréal, Canada. She is of Japanese descent and is 4th generation, or Yonsei.

Jenn’s body of work engages in a dialogue of openness and curiosity. Her creative explorations are unbounded by medium specificity- they are instead inspired by nature, the human body, playfulness, and positivity. Always concerned with colour and the way it can be used to create form and uplifting emotions.

Prints are in high res and can be printed as small as 4x6" and as big as 24x36". After your checkout, you'll be redirected to a page where you can download your prints in different aspect ratios. You'll also be sent an email with a link to access the files.

A guide to aspect ratios:
2:3 file: 4x6", 8x12", 12x18", 20x30", 24x36"

3:4 file: 5x7", 12x16" ,18x24", 24x32"

4:5 file: 8x10", 11x14", 16x20"

If the size you are looking for isn’t listed above, don't worry. The beauty of downloadable prints is that they can be cropped and re-sized to fit just about any frame. Your local printer and framer should be able to help!

It's time to...

Download, print and frame!

Posterjack is my favourite place to get downloadable art printed and framed. Send them your files and they'll print and frame in just about any size.