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Letter Template: Asking Permission from Your Landlord to Make Permanent Changes

Dear (insert name of your landlord),

I am so excited about moving into this new home! I’m writing to you with some proposed changes I’d love to implement in my (name the room).

To start, I’d love to (list exactly what changes you’d like to make. Be as specific as possible. I suggest breaking it down into permanent changes and reversible ones, too.)

I plan to stay in this apartment for some time, and I have a passion for home decor, so I am confident I can make changes that will benefit us both. I’ve come up with a plan that I have shared with you below, breaking down the products I’ve sourced and cost of materials, as well as a moodboard so you get an idea of how everything will look in the space. If you agree with these changes, please let me know if you approve of me doing the labor myself or if you have someone you would prefer. I would love to chat with you about splitting the cost of materials, if I am going to cover the labor.

I am confident these changes will greatly improve the (insert room), and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

(Your name)


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